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  • Collisionless Plasma Shocks and Energetic Particle Acceleration (Earth's Bow Shock, Coronal Mass Ejections, Supernova Remenants)
  • Plasma Instabilities and Particle Transport (Strahl/Halo of the Solar Wind, Cosmic Ray feedback in Galaxy Formation)
  • Kinetic Plasma Turbulence (Corona, Solar Wind and Magnetosheath)
  • The Role of Magnetic Reconnection in all these processes (In Turbulent Dissipation and the Downstream of Shocks)

Computational Skills

Advanced knowledge of Python, C, C++, Java and Fortran

Plasma modeling using massively parallel Particle-in-Cell, Vlasov, Hybrid and MHD codes

MPI/OpenMP CPU and CUDA GPU software development

Simulation and observational data analysis with Python, Matlab and IDL